the guys and girls behind the scene........

Although we the band create the music, we could not perform without the help of these wonderful people. The Band wish to thank them all for their dedication, lack of sleep, lack of food, riding in the back of vans coming back from god knows where at two in the morning, and their overall tolerance of a bunch of musicians while they're doing it ! Thanks guys.......

Linda (Lime) Jarmyn         

Lighting Tech, Driver, General Humper, tea maker, entertainer to the band off stage and joint person responsible for alcohol, Alan's constant source of enthusiasm, and Security - you wouldn't want to mess with our women !

Sandra (Mum) Bigby   

Invaluable to have around to keep everyone's feet on the floor (and get the beer's in) !

This photo includes Paul (Sandra and John's Son....) He gives the band alcoholic inspiration.

Peter (Butch) Jarmyn (on the left)    

Lighting Engineer

Without Him, we're in the dark !

Kirstie (Harry) Harris (on the right)    

Lighting Engineer's Assistant

Without her, Butch's in the dark !

Joe (90) Steele         

Keyboard and Sound Rigging Tech, Computer trouble shooter.

He sorts it out when it goes wrong !

Gemman (Socks) Radley         

Keyboard Tech

She helps him sort it out when it goes wrong !

Dan (Zoom) Acharaya        

Band Photographer and Videographer

Incredibly, he makes us look nearly unenviable task for anyone