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Hi Guys,

Its been a few weeks since we last updated you so here goes !

Sat 14/6 - Fake Festival, Basildon
Sat 05/7 - Gazastock, The Weald, Kent

Sun 20/7 - The Brentwood Beer and Music Festival, Brentwood
Fri 01/8 - The Castle Mayne, Basildon
Sat 09/8 - PettsWoodStock, Orpington, Kent
Thur 14/8 - The Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst, Kent
Sat 16/8 - Crix, Hatfield Peverel - Major outdoor event - 5 Bands !!
Sat 20/9 - The Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood.
Sat 25/10 - The Riga Club, Southend
Fri 05/12 - St.Johns Church Farnscombe, Surrey

Tickets for Crix and St Johns are available via our website

News :

Sadly Denise is leaving us at the end of August and the band wishes her well in her future ventures. In the meantime, a very talented young lady called Deon O'leary has joined and will be performing with us from the next gig at the Fake Festival Basildon. Theres and update in the Callums Story part of our site and thankfully he looks like he's pulling through - good luck to him and thanks to all of you who attended the Crooked Billet night with Filthy Gorgeous and contributed to his cause.

Finally, the band is always looking for Ladies who want to have a go and sing some backing Vocals. This would suit someone who maybe has always wanted to have a go but never have ? We're a pretty laid back bunch as you who know us will come on down as they dont know until you've tried it !!

Thats all for now
All the best and Much Love

&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*& UPDATE ON CALLUM &*&*&*&*&*&*&  

We have been informed that Callum has received his Bone Marrow Transplant from a U.S.A Donor and the initial signs are positive !

To Callum :

You still have a long way to go Little Legs, so Keep your faith and strength up - we are all here for you Brother.

Shine on and
Much Love


Hi Guys......just a quick update on whats going on !

We succesfully tested our new pa rig on Sunday (and all got sunburnt whilst we were at it)!

Busy weekend coming up with The Brentwood Festival on Saturday 6th on main stage at 4pm and Gazastock on Sunday main stage 2.45pm. Then a couple of us are off to warmer climes only to return for full rehearsals to begin for our run in to the main event.....The Civic centre Grays on Sat Sept 7th. This will be a great night and remember we give evertyhing to charity (in this case the two local Hospices) so tell everyone you know ! The more that attend, the more money these two great instituions receive to carry on their great work.

Remember we need pics of those that have passed and those that have beaten any life threatening disease and we will try and incorporate them into the show. Tickets only £15 see web site for details

Hope everyone is ok and enjoying the sunshine

Much Love

The Boys and Girls from ACYL
Call for help please.......

Hi Everyone, really looking forward to the Riga Southend this Saturday !!! Anyway.....

As most of you guys know, we have now had a complete line up for nearly two years now and in that time we have accumalated an extrodinary amount of gear to enhance the show that we have to haul around to most gigs that we play.

We badly need 4 Essex based volunteer Roadies 18+ , that will work with us at every gig to include unloading / loading and help us setting up. This will be a fairly thankless task as you will work long hours, there is a lot of heavy lifting, and you wont get paid.....but you will get the satifaction of helping not only a fine bunch of lads and lassies, but learning how a band like ours operates backstage and also and more importantly contributing to every charity that we work for. You will be an extremely important part of what we do and that is why we need commitment so please think about it hard before you apply.

Also if you live in the right place then there is always a possibility of us supplying transport although there may be ocassions where you need your own.

The good will never need to pay to see us play again and you will get your mug shot and a mention in our Crew section of the!

To give you an idea, we normally arrive at Gigs between 2 and 4pm and leave between 12 and 1am. We perform about 16 gigs per year, normally always at weekends but there will be some mid-weeks. All gig are normally within the M25 although 2014 promises gigs further afield !

Int not an easy task but if you love Floyd and have some spare time then this is for you!

Thanks for looking Guys and if anyone is interested please message me here.

Thanks again
Much Love
The Girls and Boys from ACYL


Morning All, A very Big Thank You !!!!

As you know, ACYL is a play for charity band only and the members and crew pay all their own expenses including equipment, travel and sustenance, donating all receipts from gigs to registered Charities.

We have just calculated the amount that you have all kindly all donated over the year 2013 for our chosen Charities and can now confirm that it was in excess of £14k (excluding Brentwood Festival - Help for Heroes).

You have also raised around £1000 for little Callum so far and we have a way to go on that one yet, so when you see the buckets being swung by the lovely Linda next year, please throw some pennies in !!

A very BIG thank you to all of you - you Guys and Girls that paid to listen, the Venues, Promoters, Supporters, Roadies and the Charities who helped us along the way - your support is greatly appreciated.

Well we are completely gob-smacked ! When we started this, we had no idea that it would go this far (yes, we have created a monster) !! We are now working hard so that we can get enough gigs next year to at least match 2013......

Keep checking in on the website at
for an up to date gig list and we really do look forward to seeing you next year.

In the meantime, Happy Christmas and a very happy New Year !

Much Love