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 Emmanuel Hill  -  Keyboards

Mani is the latest addition to ACYL, joining us on keyboards following Alan's decision to retire. A classically trained pianist who has been playing piano since the age of 6, Mani studied Royal College of Music exams on piano, bassoon and baroque recorder through to his late teens, later learning guitar and bass while at college. His love for all things Floyd stem from the early stages of the bands career, with his father singing on the original Atom Heart Mother recordings as part of the choir. Two degrees of separation from your musical heroes is not too bad I guess.

Mani also gigs regularly with Blues-Rock cover band Midnight Hour who have been playing in and around the South East for the last twenty years.

Gear - Kurzweil SP76, Casio Privia PX-560, Korg LP-180, Marshall JCM800 and JCM900 and far to many guitars.

Ray Steele            - Lead Vocals

Biog          -       In 1984 Ray was one of the founder members of indie band, Grey Desires who went on to morph into Harlequin Fools. They played mainly in Essex including The Square in Harlow, The Hermit in Brentwood and The Rez in Romford as well as various other venues and outdoor events. After the Fools split Ray had a 2 year break and then helped to form Incubus with former Harlequin fools band mate, Andy Betts. They had some success with Incubus playing a Thursday night residency at the Royal Standard in Walthamstow, along with gigs at The Rock Garden, The Square, The Garage in Holloway as well as other circuit venues. Incubus began to play more and more covers and eventually decided to go down the covers route entirely. Incubus became a hard working and busy band and after much deliberation they all agreed to take on their collective love of all things Floydish in a bigger and more elaborate way, (The original In The Flesh was born!!!). After a few successful years In The Flesh dwindled and sadly disbanded after his sister in law June Steele became gravely ill. After the sad passing of June in November 2011 I got together with my big bro and we decided to get the band back together( all very Blues Brothers, minus the shades and a rozzers car). Happily the bulk of the original line up obliged and here we are again.

Kevin Harris         - Lead and Backing Vocals

Biog         -        Started playing In bands at the age of 16 and thought that he was going to be a guitar hero. Quickly he found out that he was wanted more for my singing rather than guitar playing. In the 80's he joined a rock band called” ME262” which were legends in their own lunchtime! But didn’t do too bad supporting some of the bigger local bands on the circuit and playing the old Marquis Club and Dingwalls. By the time the 90's arrived he was fronting a band called “Serious Business”, A good time country rock band (Lynyrd Skynrd type thing). He had a great time with this band playing all over the country and a small stint in Germany. Then Fronted a band called “Flash Harry”. A really good rock and blues band which played loads of pubs involving lots of beer!!!! Really great musicians and great songs. He then joined ACYL (In the Flesh as it was then known) in mid 2000’s. Had a couple of years break. Back together a year ago and the rest is history!!

Steve Heath, Lead Guitar Acoustic and slide Guitar.


Gear...  fender Stratocaster black and red, lapsteel guitar, sigma 12 string, tanglewood acoustic, variax, mandolin,
             fender twin amp, peavey bandit amp, line 6 amp, boss multi effects gt5, gt8, gt100.

Biog     Started playing guitar at 17. presently still playing with THE BLOX, an Ian Dury tribute band.


Paul Ivemy            - Lead, Rythm and acoustic Guitars

Gear          -          PRS Custom 22, 1977 Fender Strat, Ovation Elite Custom, Boss GT5 Multi-fx, Peavey Duece, Vox AC30

Biog          -          Paul started playing in 1973 he played Bass in the Jazz Band and Youth Orchestra and Lead/Rythym Guitar in the School Rock Band. After leaving School, Paul played in several local Bands until he was asked to Join a R.E.M Tribute Band. Whilst playing for them, we offered Paul an audition with In the Flesh which he initially turned down but eventually joined because in his words...'Big Al made me an offer I dare not refuse'...The rest is history as they say.

Paul, weather he likes it or not is the engine of the band, filling in all those little bits that real floyd fans would know are missing if they weren't there !


Ray Amos - Bass and projection guru.

Gear          -          Black Fender Precision Bass, Cream Fender Precision Bass, Black Westfield de- fretted Bass, Trace Elliot 600w Head, 1 x 15 and 2 x 10 Trace Elliot cabs and a Grey Jim Dunlop Nylon Plectrum. Mac laptop running projection software.

Biog          -           I have an amp with a volume control that goes up to eleven which is one more the rest of the band (very important). I've never got stuck in a pod on stage but once got trapped in a lift in Peckham (very similar). I played with various drummers all of which have either died, moved abroad, contracted malaria, jailed, moved to an asylum, declared mentally unstable and then died. None of which managed to self combust although one did used to do magic tricks with a zippo lighter and managed to set his arm on fire. I am the peacekeeper, the accountant, the projectionist, the chauffer, and sometimes.... remember to put the right notes in the right places.

Ricky Steele           - Drums and Percussion

Gear          -          10 Piece Ludwig Epic Series Custom Drum Kit, Roto Toms, Mini Timps, Istanbul and Sabian Cymbals

Biog          -          Ricky has recently completed his studies and graduated in Music Technology at Hull School of Art and Design and at 22 is the youngest member of the Band. He started playing in College bands in School, was in several College Bands at Braintree College, and has progressed to Any Colour you like when his Dad, Alan and his Uncle, Ray talked him into it! He is the heartbeat of the band and when he's awake he plays quite well too! As well as playing with us, he has recently joined 'Unorfadox' alongside Peter and Ray.

Paula Coe

Biog - Paula is a member of our team on backing vocals. Paula lives with Ray and they both study the fine art of food preperation and hold regular  Scotch and Vodka tastings at their flat in Galleywood....this is probably why the Bands van is most definitely heavier these days ...... 



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